Organizing… My Valentine

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I’m feeling inspired to proclaim my crush on some favorite products of mine. These items are things I use to help keep my Life Well Organized. And it wouldn’t be a Valentine’s-themed post unless we saw them in the hues of red, pink and white, right?

1. The Desktop File. This file box by Semikolon (available in a multitude of colors) helps keep my desk clutter-free, all while keeping my files easy to access. It’s a great way to organize things in a stylish way. Who says office accessories can’t be pretty?
2. The Folding Stepstool. This little stool is great because it folds up and takes very little space. It’s lightweight, yet can hold up to 300 lbs, and it has a handle, making it super easy to tote from room to room. Since I lack stature (I’m 5’3” on a good day) I rely on this stool a lot. As an urban apartment dweller with limited storage space, I use every inch of my apartment and that means going vertical with high shelves. When it’s time to reach up and grab what I need, this little stool saves the day!
3. Bins. Staying organized is made easier with the right bins and containers, and for me, the Ikea Rationell Variera box is the perfect tool for corralling like items and storing them on shelves and in drawers. It’s made from sturdy recycled plastic, has handles and comes in two sizes and in two colors (white and red). You can’t beat the price on this sleek looking bin…$5.99 sm and $6.99 lg. You can find these bins in the kitchen wares section of Ikea’s Marketplace.
4. The Reusable Bag. Yes, it’s a chic and Eco way to tote things from here to there, but what makes the Flip and Tumble Bag a favorite of mine is that it balls up and makes it a snap to put into my purse so that I have it handy when I need it, which happens to be every day. A bonus to using reusable bags means no more unwanted and unneeded plastic or paper grocery bags in my home. Less clutter is always nice, but so is doing my part to create less waste.
5. The Lacquered Tray. When you’re not using your lacquered tray to serve from, it can be used as a neat way to keep your collections together. On a dresser, you can use a tray like this to keep your jewelry or perfume nice and tidy. On a desk, put your office supplies on the tray and have things within arms reach! A tip: add pretty paper to the bottom of the tray to give it a more decorative touch.

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